Players Increasingly Demand Bitcoin As A Payment Method At Winning Poker Network

The operator Winning Poker Network has been cornered for several days by some of its customers. This requires payment in bitcoin electronic money rather than dollars. According to the manager of the box, this demand is linked to the spectacular increase in the exchange value of bitcoin. Winning Poker Network prefers to make punctual and rapid bitcoin transactions so as not to be subject to fluctuations, and to be able to respond appropriately to player demand.

They Want To Be Paid In Bitcoin

Poker players ask the operator Winning Poker Network, abbreviated WPN, that there is much more liquidity in bitcoin. In reality, what they want is for the earnings to be transferred to them in bitcoin currency. It is this request, supported for several weeks already, which led WPN to pay several million dollars, but in bitcoin.

Indeed, WPN has known bitcoin for several years. It was in 2014 that he joined forces with electronic money. Last year, that is to say in 2019, Winning Poker Network set a record by wagering a jackpot of 106 bitcoins, or approximately $ 1 million. So that was long before the demand for bitcoin increased on the customer side.

According to WPN director, Mr. Phil Nagy, 60% of the platform’s players are located in the United States. For him, it is the fact that games of chance are only allowed in certain states bringing such a strong demand for cryptocurrency. But that’s not all, because according to him, one of the advantages of bitcoin popular with players is that it hardly passes through the tax authorities, and is therefore little or not taxed.

They Want To Profit From The Good Health Of Bitcoin

The Winning Poker Network operator itself does not preferentially use a bitcoin account. For him, it is quite risky, given that the exchange of this currency varies a lot. It is limited to making rapid operations at given times to avoid suffering the inconvenience of fluctuations. But he admits he’s seen players send $ 100,000 to $ 200,000 in bitcoin before.

The request from the players comes at a time when bitcoin is highly valued in the market. Indeed, a few days ago, 1 bitcoin was worth $ 18,000. It has increased by around 60% compared to the past month. You should know that this value is close to 19,783 dollars of December 2017. According to Nagy, they require for 90% to 95% of their account, bitcoins, precisely because the price has soared. He adds that these players are always ready to buy bitcoin.

Remember that Winning Poker Network is an operator that covers several online poker platforms around the world. These are millions of dollars that he has had to pay every day for the last few weeks to the place of players who have expressed the need. If the establishment had to pay even 95% of the bitcoin earnings, it would be around $ 160 million.

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